Anonymous: i'll try ! i mean if i fuck up the next 6 weeks i wont have to see him again and regret my existence more than i already do, haha. but thank you so much :)

If you fuck up then laugh it off! That’s honestly what I do. *says something stupid* “oh wow that sounded better in my head haha” *accidentally snorts* “oh my god hahahah that was hilarious. I don’t even know how that happened hahahah” *stutters bad* “jeez why can’t I talk today haha” *doesnt know what else to say* (tells a funny story about what happened that day or some other day). Just talk like you’re talking to your friends! I promise that once you start conversing with him, you’ll get more comfortable and it’ll be easier to talk and talk and talk. You are so welcome!!!! :) ask me anything, any time!

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when did i get this fat

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